La Cérémonie du Couronnement des Vignerons

Le Spectacle de la Fête des Vignerons

La Ville en Fête avec ses stations et ses cliques

Le Cortège de la Fête des Vignerons

mi : F. Rochaix
ad : G. Sallin, D. Maillefer, P. Mohr, L. Patton
f : F. Debluë
mu   : J-F. Bovard, M. Hostettler, J. Meier
sc   : J-C. Maret

c : C. Zuber
dir   : F. Luisi
lu     :    J-P. Roy
ch   : S. Campardon

m/cf :   L. Rochaix
The Fete des Vignerons is a community-driven spectacle, performed in a small corner of the Swiss wine-making region on the banks of Lake Geneva.  With roots dating back several millennia, the festival was formally organized as spectacle performed at 20 year intervals in the last 600 years.  In 1999 the Fete des Vignerons was conceived as a modern opera, with 14 performances over the span of three weeks for 20,000 spectators each night (including one daytime performance when a total solar eclipse was written into the opera to peak at a precise moment within the narrative).

As the Associate Director, I staged a cast of 5000 performers, including implementation of technicalassets (broadcast television, scenic, lighting, sound, etc).

I  also served as Artistic Director of the “Ville enFete” – a multi-stage outdoor, after-hours performance space featuring dance, music, spoken word and theatre that was part of the 3-week festival.
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